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 Intro done by: The Honest Youth Pastor from Twitter

Show Outline:

Kurt and Justin talk about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. They give some great programming tips and games to play during the holidays. They also share a lot of what their churches do for fun during the holidays. Listen to get some tips and tricks for the upcoming holidays!

"1:00 Holidays for junior higher’s
1:35 Kurt talks about his experience with Halloween
2:31 Sponsor CIY Believe Tour
4:16 Halloween in the church
5:19 Why Kurt isn’t a big fan of harvest festivals
6:23 Justin throws out an idea for Halloween
7:47 Marketing campaign at Justin’s church
8:52 Fun programming Halloween bits
10:49 Teach on something scary from the Bible
11:50 Justin tells a funny story about a bear
12:45 Thanksgiving time!
12:58 Fun programming Thanksgiving bits from Justin
13:50 ""Thanksgiving is a great time to teach on gratitude.” -Kurt Johnston
14:02 Kurt shares some fun games
14:40 Remind parents to start traditions for Thanksgiving
15:36 No shave November for youth workers
16:52 “Choctober"" at Kurt’s church
17:30 Politically correctness, no pilgrims and indians
18:28 Central Christian College of the Bible
19:51 What Kurt loves about CCCB, IT’S FREE!
20:34 Christmas at church
20:39 Justin discusses a fun game for leaders at Christmas
21:20 Kurt gives teaching topic ideas
22:22 “Good youth ministries have a little percentage of weird.” -Marko? Justin Herman
22:35 Justin likes tacky Christmas
23:44 Christmas decorations are not trickled in and out
24:29 Kurt talks about his church trickling decorations
25:06 Kurt talks Cheap-O-Joe Christmas decorations
26:46 Christmas video bedroom break in
27:50 Tips for Holidays from Kurt
29:10 “It is not your place to say whether costumes are sinful or not on Halloween.” -Kurt Johnston
30:39 “I like taking them around staff offices to do Christmas caroling.” - Justin Herman
31:40 “We can also Christmas carol at our church offices and it’s still ministry.” -Kurt Johnston
31:58 “There are a lot of ways to serve people and it doesn’t always have to be the traditional serious way.” -Kurt Johnston
32:10 Check out Orange curriculum for holiday themed stuff


Whose on this episode? 

Justin Herman- Sandals Church


Things Mentioned:

 CIY Believe Tour

Controlled Chaos Book Kurt Johnston

Central Christian College of the Bible

Crazy Days at CCCB


Our Controlled Chaos Podcast Partner CIY, Christ in Youth.

CIY- Christ in Youth  

Our Sponsors. 

Central Christian College of the Bible, Moberly Missouri (where Justin went to college)

ORANGE- The XP3 Orange Curriculum 


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Controlled Chaos Podcast: A junior high ministry podcast for youth workers!

Thank you for tuning in.  The work youth workers do is hard work, thank you! Thank you for taking time to get a little more equipped to do Junior High or Middle School Ministry in your Youth Ministry or Student Ministry at your church.  Keep it up!

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