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September 19, 2018

Episode 0029 Andy Stanley, Yep, we said Andy Stanley in his first youth ministry podcast ever!

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 Intro done by: Todd Jones

We have Andy Stanley here discussing his passion about middle school students and tremendous advice for volunteers and youth workers. Andy expands on a career longevity in youth ministry, mistakes hes seen in youth workers, and how vital having a relationally driven ministry is. He ends with more amazing advice and unpacking the phrase "Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.

"1:40 Huge Announcement
1:56 Join Book Launch team
3:00 Brand new resource tied to podcast
4:29 Look back at content from Andy at Catalyst
4:43 Leadership tip for leaders at North Point
4:56 “It is crisis that creates the connectivity and it’s crisis that creates the significance of your ministry.”
5:12 Book recommendations for young youth worker
6:16 How reading Next Generation Leader will impact youth workers
8:16 Why Andy is so affirming to middle school
11:00 ""It’s worth figuring out how to grow to the size to where you can have relevant and powerful middle school ministry.”
11:20 Biggest mistakes Andy has seen in youth workers
12:46 “This is not a one size fits all model but there is a place for everybody in student ministry if that’s their passion.”
13:05 Advice from Andy for a career of longevity in student ministry
13:53 “It’s a relational family dynamic not just looking for volunteers.”
14:58 “I hope that middle school leaders and high school pastors stay a long time at a church.”
15:44 What parents should expect from volunteers
16:42 What parents should expect from youth workers
16:44 “Recruit volunteers who are going to push students towards family not pull them away.”
17:50 “Our model facilitates partnering with parents and our model facilitates long term relationships.”
18:37 Advice for youth workers who have senior leaders kids in their ministry
20:46 Andy unpacks “do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.”
20:59 “I’m not going to be fair, I’m going to be engaged.”
23:24 How Andy defines mentorship and the importance of it
27:12 Giving away books! Check out Instagram!


Whose on this episode? 

Justin Herman- Sandals Church

Andy Stanley, Founding and Senior Pastor North Point Community Church

Things Mentioned

Book: Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley

Controlled Chaos Book by Kurt Johnston

Clay Scroggins- Lead Pastor North Point Community Church

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CIY- Christ in Youth  

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Central Christian College of the Bible, Moberly Missouri (where Justin went to college)

ORANGE- The XP3 Orange Curriculum 


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