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Hosted by Justin Herman

March 7, 2018

Episode 0001- The Kickoff, A Book, A walk down leader memory lane. Youth Ministry

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Topic for this episode: 

Justin Herman is here to discuss insightful tips on how to recruit volunteers for junior high ministry. Why is is important to have great leaders? What are some philosophies we can have that will help us? What are the major steps we can take to get more and better leaders in Junior High? He also walks us through the COLD ASK in recruiting. Justin expands upon all of these topics with incredible discernment. Also the first leadership 101 with Kurt Johnston is here!

Whose on this episode? Kurt Johnston, Justin Herman

5:34 Passion that drives working in youth ministry

5:57 Calling to Junior High Ministry

6:34 “As your responsibilities grow at your church, you have the right as a leader to begin to to hold onto certain things that just give you joy.” - Kurt Johnston

8:05 How to stay within your calling

9:50 How Kurt started to write the book Controlled Chaos

10:45 Three reasons you know when to write a book

12:15 Process of writing Controlled Chaos

13:24 Primary reason Junior High Ministry is important

15:05 “You get a junior higher on fire for Jesus, their lives change and they can be difference makers.” - Kurt Johnston

16:42 Kurt and Justin walk down memory lane

20:35 “I desperately want junior highers to have Jesus memories.” - Kurt Johnston

23:43 Leadership 101 from Kurt coming soon

24:45 Kurt recommends books

25:24 Mo’ Couragement from Kurt


Things mentioned in the episode:

Books and Podcast from Tim Ferris

Controlled Chaos Book by Kurt Johnson

The Ideal Team Player by Patrick M. Lencioni

PHASES, From Orange (mentioned briefly)

Katie Edwards, Junior High Pastor Saddleback Church


Controlled Chaos Community

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Controlled Chaos Podcast: A junior high ministry podcast for youth workers!

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Controlled Chaos Podcast: A junior high ministry podcast for youth workers!

Thank you for tuning in.  The work youth workers do is hard work, thank you! Thank you for taking time to get a little more equipped to do Junior High or Middle School Ministry in your Youth Ministry or Student Ministry at your church.  Keep it up!


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