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April 3, 2018

Episode 0005 The Brain, Puberty and don’t be a Dop…amine!

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Topic for this episode:  

This week we have Ashley Bohinc from Orange. We discussed understanding the mind of a student and the developmental process. This will give you a crash course into your students minds and you will leave the podcast smarter, trust me! This will give you some great back pocket tips and tricks for your leaders, parents, and staff at your church. Join us as we dive into the five dimensions of wellness for students.

1:35 Justin talks about leading students while in Ganda, Africa
3:00 “It’s the most memorable when you get to sit knee to knee with a student and help them uncover parts of their faith.” -Justin Herman
4:28 Back pocket of development wisdom from Ashley
5:11 Elevator speech about Ashley’s experience
6:45 Rethinking Youth Ministry podcast
7:09 Understanding the mind of a student is key
8:15 Ashley talks about how she taught in health class influenced how she approaches junior highers
9:10 Ashley discusses physical changes junior highers undertake
10:05 Justin tells a funny story about a physical change a student went through
11:24 Ashley defines and discusses the importance of mental wellness of junior highers
12:34 Black and white thinking is very common
13:00 When puberty happens, abstract thinking begins
15:15 “The capacity to learn will never be as high than when they are a teenager” - Ashley Bohinc
16:20 There is a difference between comprehension and retention
16:50 Must help junior highers remember concepts
17:39 Ashley explains what is happening socially in junior highers; dopamine
19:18 Social Media’s impact on friendships
20:09 Dopamine hit can be healthy and unhealthy
21:27 Middle schoolers and self regulation of emotions
21:34 Puberty and new emotions are filled with new colors
22:28 “They really are experiencing these brand new emotions very intensely for the first time.” -Ashley
22:50 “Helping middle schoolers understand what they are feeling and why they are feeling it and they how can that emotion be channelled for the positive.” -Ashley
23:05 Watch Inside Out for insight into middle schoolers
25:04 Ability to think abstractly is a gift from puberty
25:43 “The beautiful thing about abstract thinking is the ability to express doubt and expressing doubt means they are able to ask questions about their faith that they haven't been able to ask before” -Ashley
26:03 “It’s becoming faith of their own when they are able to ask a question of their own and they are able to understand it.”
26:34 Justin asks a good question about the impact of kids ministry
28:31 “The sooner and the younger that their able to have information and have some sort of background the better they will adapt a faith of their own when they are able to think in that capacity.”
28:47 “Every ministry is important because they all build on each other.”
29:34 Examples of pre puberty and post puberty questions
31:53 “It’s like amazing. Do you know what’s happening in the mind of a middle school student and the impression we can make on them spiritually?”
32:33 Ashley recommends books
33:16 Mo’Couragement from Ashley
35:48 Free stuff! Ebook!

Whose on this episode? Justin Herman, Ashley Bohinc, Head of Middle School Cirriculum and Strategy at Orange.


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