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June 26, 2018

Episode 0017- Youtube, Youth Cartel and our first Blog Review.

Controlled Chaos Podcast: A junior high ministry podcast for youth workers.

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Topics for this episode:  

Youtube, this is all attached to the Generation Z tip of the week (read below). 

Youth Cartel, Marko (Episode 0003) and Adam the founders of the youth cartel talk about managing conflict.

Our first Blog Review comes to us from Kevin Libick, he is a student pastor with over 15 years of ministry experience. Most of that time has been dedicated to middle school ministry. Currently, he is the Student Ministry Pastor at Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth, TX. He wrote an article I LOVED about tackling tough transitions so I reached out to get him on the podcast to talk more abou tit.

Generation Z Tip of the week (this is from Ashely Bohinc at Orange... She was on Episode 0005) Recent studies have shown between 80-95% of Generation Z uses YouTube more than any other social media platform.  I (Justin) talk about some ideas to use YouTube in your junior high ministry.  Also Orange asked middle schoolers all over the country what YouTube channels they are currently watching. Here's what they said!


Read the whole article from Orange HERE


Whose on this episode? 

Justin Herman, Sandals Youth Network, Host, Speaker, Bald.

Marko Oestreicher, Whyismarko, YouthCartel 

Adam McLane, YouthCartel

Kevin Libick

Charlie Conger INTRO, Orange



Things mentioned in the episode:

Controlled Chaos Book by Kurt Johnston

Christ in Youth... also known as (drumroll) CIY

CIY Believe- Weekend Event


Youth Cartel Campference

Youth Cartel

Tackling Tough Transitions (Kevin Libick)



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Controlled Chaos Podcast: A junior high ministry podcast for youth workers!



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Controlled Chaos Podcast: A junior high ministry podcast for youth workers!

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Thank you for tuning in.  The work youth workers do is hard work, thank you! Thank you for taking time to get a little more equipped to do Junior High or Middle School Ministry in your Youth Ministry or Student Ministry at your church.  Keep it up!


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