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September 5, 2018

Episode 0027 Everything and the Kitchen Sink, Worship tip and the Mail Bag. Youth Ministry Junior High

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Intro done by: Justin Kowalski, Sandals Church Riverside CA 

We are here with Britt Kitchen! He is bringing his insight on having a small group driven ministry. He provides insight on how to choose your leaders, how to maintain a culture of prioritizing small groups, and how to make small groups an authentic place for junior highers. He brings his own experience to the table and is passionate about junior highers. Listen if you want to WIN and learn how to make small groups important.

0:35 Intro to Britt Kitchen
6:27 Worship tips on how to coach a musician
8:03 “Work to be a partner with your worship leaders.”
9:01 Britt’s elevator speech about his experience
11:27 Stepping into someone else’s shoes
13:47 Small groups being essential to strategy and motto
17:19 Britt explains stage personalities and values
20:14 Risks in being a small group ministry
22:48 Have to be careful when you choose small group leaders
23:52 Creates a space for training small group leaders
25:42 ""The right leader is better than having more leaders.”
26:03 What leader to say no to
27:04 Holy spirit plays into picking a leader
28:05 “Students are looking for genuine” -Britt Kitchen
28:12 “We are trying to make our small groups authentic genuine places.” -Britt Kitchen
29:47 Tips for small group driven culture
33:04 Wrapping up with Britt Kitchen
33:26 The Mail Bag
33:35 Justin talks about Sandal’s church
34:38 Justin’s Moms passing impacted his ministry
36:18 How to do a sex series at your church
38:20 Justin explains how he doesn’t regret leaving his last church
42:00 Leadership 101 with Kurt Johnston
42:56 Truth Work Media

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Justin Herman Sandals Church

Britt Kitchen

Tyler Rees


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Controlled Chaos Podcast: A junior high ministry podcast for youth workers!

Thank you for tuning in.  The work youth workers do is hard work, thank you! Thank you for taking time to get a little more equipped to do Junior High or Middle School Ministry in your Youth Ministry or Student Ministry at your church.  Keep it up!

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