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Hosted by Justin Herman

September 12, 2018

Episode 0028 Our Facebook Group, Q&A and a sound proof room

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Intro done by: Vivi Diaz, SandalsChurch

Topics for this episode:  

We answer YOUR questions! Today, Kurt Johnston and host Justin Herman answer questions regarding maintaining relationships with new high schoolers, low and high priced prizes, and how to lead in an unsuccessful ministry. Kurt and Justin bring dynamic answers that can help in many contexts of junior high ministry! Give it a listen, you'll love it!

2:22 Sign-ups for Believe Tour
4:04 Intro to Q & A video
5:34 Listener asks a question about best prizes for junior higher's
6:04 Kurt discusses tips for low priced prizes for junior higher’s
8:18 Justin discusses high priced prizes for junior higher’s
8:29 ""What you catch em to is what you keep em to.” -Justin Herman
11:15 “Prizes can become a part of the culture, it doesn’t just have to be an item you buy.”
11:30 Change the word prize to reward
12:00 Justin mentions generation Z article: winners and losers
12:19 Listener asks how to stay connected with middle schoolers when they go to high school
13:10 Kurt talks about parallel tracks analogy
14:13 “The best thing to do is keep the welcome mat out but cheer on high school.” -Kurt Johnston
14:36 Justin explains the importance of making sure new high schoolers feel connected to the high school ministry
15:43 “If you’re in relationship with the high school pastor, of course they understand the value of you still having relationship with high school kids.” -Kurt Johnston
16:15 Practical tips for maintaining relationships with new high schoolers
16:39 Orange resources!
18:27 Listener asks how to set up a new guy for success in an unsuccessful ministry
19:03 Justin says to push the vision to be consistent
20:44 Kurt asks a question of clarification for the listener
21:25 “You have got to figure out a way to let your leadership and your influence and your successes leak into that new person.” -Kurt Johnston
21:50 Kurt wants to know what sank their ship
22:40 Kurt and Justin talk about higher education
24:34 Listener asks with how to deal with the rest of the church thinking junior high ministry is secondary
25:53 Kurts one minute answer to approach this topic
25:57 “The longer you’re there the more they will value junior high. So have a long view.”-Kurt Johnston
27:04 Kurt says quit fighting it.
29:12 “You create a great space for volunteers, you pour into them, and you target the right people, board members.” -Justin Herman
30:30 Conclusion
30:47 Mike from Truth Work Media "

Questions from our Facebook Group. 

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Whose on this episode? 

Justin Herman- Sandals Church

Kurt Johnston- Saddleback Church


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Controlled Chaos Podcast: A junior high ministry podcast for youth workers!

Thank you for tuning in.  The work youth workers do is hard work, thank you! Thank you for taking time to get a little more equipped to do Junior High or Middle School Ministry in your Youth Ministry or Student Ministry at your church.  Keep it up!



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