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October 24, 2018

Episode 0034 Microphones, BELIEVE and the Political Thicket

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 Intro done by: Pastor Gemma Dunning

Show Outline:

Justin and Kurt are here to talk about church politics! They squash the negative stigma around politics and give tips on how to manuveur your church politics. They bring up knowing your church's love language and developing your organizational intelligence as a youth worker. ALSO, don't miss out on the giveaway going on! You have to listen to find out!

00:15 Michael Yoder introduces Truth Work Media

1:40 Contest, Controlled Chaos Book Giveaway

2:16 Comment on Instagram Justin or Kurt for giveaway

2:58 Justin just got back from CIY Believe tour

3:25 Check out CIY- even for a visit!
4:09 Email Justin for info about CIY

4:43 Church politics

5:35 Justin mentions rookie youth workers

5:56 “You know why they are a veteran? Because they figure out church politics.” -Kurt Johnston

6:08 Every church has politics

6:20 “Politics are going to be a part of your church’s culture and it doesn’t have to be bad.”

7:29 How to maneuver politics but not manipulate

8:09 Politics has a negative stigma attached to it

8:33 “Politics at the end of the day is the ability to gain support” -Kurt Johnston

9:42 Leadership point: skill, relationship, and character

10:50 Justin mentions how there is a political piece with parents

11:09 Kurt says there are 2 sides to politics in churches

12:07 Justin gives an example from “veteran” youth worker side

13:15 Justin gives advice to the “rookie” youth worker

14:15 “What is the love language of your church?” -Kurt Johnston

15:42 How does your church make decisions?

16:26 Justin mentions the difficult part both in small or large churches

17:00 Justin talks his experience at church

17:57 “Great youth leaders provide road maps.” -Justin Herman

18:28 Leadership can be daunting because it’s hard work

19:14 Kurt gives some shooting of popcorn advice

19:37 “We have to decide what kind of person do we want to be known for.” -Kurt Johnston

19:40 Two approaches in politics in church

21:12 Justin says you have to seek understanding in your church

22:45 “You have to develop organizational intelligence if you want to survive in your church.” -Kurt Johnston

22:54 Justin and Kurt talk about manipulation of politics

23:26 We need to have a prayerful governor on us to determine manipulation.

25:12 Justin gives advice about accountability in manipulation

27:16 ORANGE xp3

28:06 Central Christian Church of the Bible politics experience Justin had

29:37 Make your vote on Instagram for giveaway!


Whose on this episode? 

Justin Herman- Sandals Church


Things Mentioned:

Our Controlled Chaos Podcast Partner CIY, Christ in Youth.

Truth Work Media- Michael Yoder

Our Sponsors. 

Central Christian College of the Bible, Moberly Missouri (where Justin went to college)

ORANGE- The XP3 Orange Curriculum 

CCourtyard Project Ministry in the UK ( Ministry


CIY podcast partners Worth Unlimited’s Waltham Forest branch ( Helen's Ministry - Gemma's Ministry



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