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June 12, 2019

Episode 0067 How to make the game time FUN, Ministry DOG, Mentorship with Matt Lewis, Career Advice with Isaac Morehouse and 7 hacks from Anthony Vargas youth ministry junior high middle school

Junior High Webcast coming up with Kurt and Justin on July 2, 11 am CST on building a magnetic middle school ministry. How you can be attractive and missional that kids are drawn too with a missional aspect.


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Youth Ministry Dog

Ministry Dog Twitter

Justin on Matt Lewis's Podcast

Isaac Morehouse

Crash Your Career

Niche Down


Magnetic Junior High Ministry


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Justin Herman LINKTREE

Kurt Johnston

Youth Ministry Dog

Matt Lewis

Isacc Morehouse

Anthony Vargas


Junior High Webcast coming up with Justin and Kurt on July 2 11 am CST on magnetic middle school ministry. How you can be attractive and missional that kids are drawn too with a missional aspect.

How to make the game time the best it can be—Justin and Kurt (04:37)

  • Design it around the person with the least amount of skill in the room.
  • Don’t do it by gender.
  • Don’t try and force the game into your theme.
  • Don’t force the kids to participate if they don’t want to play.
  • Fun isn’t always games—it can be a skit or a bit on stage.
  • Payoff must be equal or greater than the setup.
  • Be clear and fair. Jr. Higher’s are justice oriented.
  • Once in a while figure out how to involve specials needs students
  • Do fun games but don’t make it the focus.
  • Don’t apologize for doing games. They build trust and learn teamwork.

Youth Ministry Dog (22:30)

Interview Tips (30:43 ) Matt Lewis

  • If you do what you say and show up and honor the commitment, you will be fine
  • Don’t have a scarcity mentality. Fifteen minutes can turn into hours of content when the publicist tells others you honored the agreement.

Isaac Morehouse (35:03) CEO of Crash and Founder of Praxis

  • Find something besides a degree to add to your resume to show your skill, and you have done something.

    • Intern for free to learn the skills
  • Do not be afraid to fail or experiment to find the solution
  • Dominate your niche
  • Two main things matter in the market place
    • Create Value
    • Prove you can create value
    • Don’t do things you hate
    • Don’t do things you are terrible at
  • Your resume needs to be more than bullet points
  • Narrow down the companies you are applying to and do something extraordinary
  • Find a need and show it to them (make them a Facebook page and give it to them, send them a logo if it is low resolution, offer to work for free)
  • Create a project that shows your skills in a tangible way

Anthony Vargas (1:02:03) 7 Jr. High Tips

  1. Know the name of Jr. High Students, leaders, and parents.
  2. Every Monday, pick five students and send them a letter.
  3. Try to interact with Jr. high students five senses when teaching the Bible
  4. Embrace their digital world
  5. Go out and evangelize with your students. They need to see it lived out.
  6. The feedback of students is vital.
  7. The only thing they need from you is a heart that has been with Jesus.


Discussion Questions:

  1. How are we strategically using our game time? What should we start doing, stop doing, and keep doing?
  2. Have you/we reached out to someone outside the church for a meeting? If so did you/we honor them or leave a bad taste about you or our organization? How can you/we improve?
  3. What is your unique intersection of skills and abilities?
  4. Do we know all of our volunteer’s names? Do they know their kid’s names?
  5. What have we learned from our students? When was the last time we asked them (if ever)?


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Controlled Chaos Podcast: A junior high ministry podcast for youth workers!

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