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June 19, 2019

Episode 0068 Andy Stanley, Mic Skills, Scott Rubin, Why we Stayed Podcast, Adolescence Development, Girl World and Student Leadership. MOST PACKED EPISODE EVER! Youth Ministry Controlled Chaos

Junior High Webcast coming up with Kurt and Justin on July 2, 11 am CST on building a magnetic middle school ministry. How you can be attractive and missional that kids are drawn too with a missional aspect.


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Intro by Andy Stanley

Whose on this episode? 

Justin Herman Host

Kurt Johnston Host

Scott Rubin, Junior High Ministry EXPERT (Kurt's best friend)

Mike Thomas, Why we Stayed Podcast

Michele Anderson, Host Talking Squirrels Podcast

Samantha, Girl World EXPERT

Dr. Andrew Root, Youth Ministry Theology EXPERT

Jeff Wallace, Student Leadership EXPERT

Why mic skills are essential with Justin and Kurt

  • If the audio is terrible everything is terrible no matter how good the video/graphics
  • If the person is ill-prepared no matter how much planning it will drain the energy of the room
  • Consider using a handheld—the audio quality is much better and you can use to your advantage with its distance
  • Students will see a potential future for themselves in the person on the microphone
  • Never give the mic away if you don’t know what they will say.
  • If you don’t know whether to use a mic or not—use a mic
  • You have to train people on how to be on a mic—it is not a natural thing


Why you should tune into the CIY webcast

  • It's on the internet, and the internet is awesome
  • Where else do you get a half hour of training for free?
  • This is stuff you can give to your leaders.
  • It is not long and drawn out (only 1 hr)
  • Everything is more significant (than the first) with this webcast
  • It will be encouraging and give you a different way of thinking about things

Scott Rubin—Director of Student Ministries at Willow Creek Church—pastoring with high school in mind

  • Look at them and imagine where they will be in a few years

    • What do we need to be thinking about?
  • Identify gifts in those years and put them on that track to develop it
    • Think ahead but do not get ahead of themselves
    • Give them opportunities to leverage it
    • Sometimes the disruptive kid is the leader. Talk to them about it
  • See if there is an upperclassman that they could be and have them hang around them.
    • Call out to them what you see in them
    • Engage the parents in any way that you can. Some kids might not show themselves, and parents can be a great insight.
  • With leaders moving up or not always remember where you are trying to get the students.
  • Never forget what it is like to be a teenager
  • Never do youth ministry alone


Mike Thomas—Why we stayed podcast

  • Everyone that has stayed/left a different story but they all have friction.

    • How will you respond?
  • When church and God are blended, they become upset with everything. Their whole idea is broken.


Michele Anderson—talking squirrels podcast—adolescent development

  • Early adolescence 10-13
  • It can help to tailor to how the schools do it
  • Reasons for a 7th-9thministry
    • With longer adolescence, students need more time to develop
  • How can we give coaching on mental development
    • Ask them hard questions—they can handle it
  • The psychological difference between boys and girls
    • Girls will grow faster in every way


Samantha—Jr. High Girls

  • The enemy is attacking mainly through technology. Distracting us. And taking away our identity in Jesus with something else.
  • Women should not prove their ability by everything that men do cause men do not do that for women.
    • Elizabeth Elliot—Let me be a Woman
  • Topics Girls need to hear
    • Love, Suicide/depression, homosexuality, technology
  • Always express love


Dr. Andrew Root

  • There are so many things that students need, does God need anything?

    • Don’t think that God needs anything
    • But He is a God that acts for us
    • Out of the love and inner love of the Trinity out of the surplus of their passion they reach out to share their love
    • God chooses to become vulnerable because of his compassion, mercy, and friendship
    • He reaches out for a desire to love and care not because he needs it


Jeff Wallace—Student leadership

  • Gather at most one a month or once a quarter

    • They are busy (and so are their parents who drive them)
    • Have a good plan because time is precious
    • It is not about a shirt or a title
    • Leadership is about keeping your word—have them value being on the leadership team.

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Justin Herman

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Controlled Chaos Podcast: A junior high ministry podcast for youth workers!

Thank you for tuning in.  The work youth workers do hard work, thank you! Thank you for taking the time to get a little more equipped to do Junior High or Middle School Ministry in your Youth Ministry or Student Ministry at your church.  Keep it up!

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