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Hosted by Justin Herman

June 26, 2019

Episode 0069 Teaching topics for Junior High, the importance of Grandparents with Matt Duprez from FULLER and Generation Z with Jonathan Morrow Youth Ministry Junior High Middle School

Junior High Webcast coming up with Kurt and Justin on July 2, 11 am CST on building a magnetic middle school ministry. How you can be attractive and missional that kids are drawn too with a missional aspect.


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Intro by Eryn Aubey, Christ in Youth

Whose on this episode? 

Justin Herman Host

Kurt Johnston Host

Matt Deprez Fuller Youth Institute

Jonathan Morrow Director of Cultural Engagement and Immersion at Impact 360 Institute

00:37 Welcome

01:15 We talk about Joel Olsteen

05:11 Teaching Topics

24:31 Matt Duprez, The Importnace of Grandparents

44:40 Jonathan Morrow, talking about Generationn Z

Teaching Topics with Justin and Kurt

  • If you could only teach 3 topics (and the first 3 don’t count)

    • Identity
    • Sex/Dating
    • Spiritual Gifts
    • Wisdom (Justin)
    • Life of Christ (Kurt)
    • Misunderstood people of the Bible (Justin)
    • Fruit of the Spirit (Kurt)
    • The “other”—a mission series on how to make disciples (Justin)
    • Choices and their consequences (Kurt)

Matt Deprez (Fuller Youth Institute)—Grandparents faith on young people

  • Proximity Matters. Faith does not go up if they are closer but it does increase faith maturity—it skyrockets if they live with 50 miles.

    • Technology can replace proximity in a way. Video chatting is huge and do it to eat meals together.
  • Grandparents shaped issues of identity, belonging, and purpose rather than spiritual discipline
    • You develop properly being around experts and that applies to faith too
  • Faith modeling is HUGE
    • It will shape the maturity of the child.
    • Reading the Bible and serving constantly helped and led to better conversations
    • Send pictures, stories, and verses if you do not live close 

Jonathan Morrow—Generation Z 

  • The first “Post-Christian” generation

    • 10% Boomers, 7% gen x, 6% millennials, 4% gen z have a Biblical Worldview (Barna)
  • Oldest Gen Z is just heading into college. 2x likely as adults to identity as atheist. 34% are “nones”. 58% agree there is no one true religion
  • “How I feel” and “what is true for me “is their default response—they are Christian relativists
    • Change from feeling questions to thinking questions
  • Find a way to disrupt them.
    • Use provocative questions
    • Get Christianity back into the realm of reality
  • We need to have as sophisticated conversations in church as they are having online. There is age appropriate ways to handle these conversations.
    • We want to help walk them to good answers.
    • We cant just say nothing or they may “outgrow” their faith

Discussion Questions:

  1. If you could teach any topic what would it be?
  2. How are we utilizing the grandparents in our church?
  3. Are we using “feeling” questions or “thinking” questions for our group questions?
  4. How do we make our environments to make students feel welcome?
  5. How are we disrupting their rhythm?
  6. Are we having sophisticated conversations with our students?




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