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July 3, 2019

Episode 0070 Student Leadership Month, Marko, Jeff Wallace and special time with CIY VP about the tragic accident that took the like of Jace Smothers youth ministry podcast network

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Who is on this episode:

Justin Herman

Kurt Johnston

Mark Oestreicher

Jeff Wallace 


Justin and Kurt “answer” questions by Scott Nolan 

  • How do you narrow do student leaders?

    • You have to know whatever model you choose may be hurting feelings of students who are not involved.
  • What are some topics students need to hear, discuss, and live out?
  • Resources for student leaders?
  • How do you do a student leader retreat?
    • Just like a camp. Decide where you want to go and tweak accordingly
    • Is it just for the best of the best or is everyone invited and at the end of the week do you decide if you want to promote a smaller leader retreat with the cream of the crop.
    • Don’t market it a fun and zany weekend.
    • Have students help plan the retreat
    • High can be the best time to develop leaders.
  • Size of the student leadership team?
    • There are options for everyone


Marko 5 Tips on Student Leadership (in no order) 

  • Some of your best student leaders are the ones who wouldn’t apply or participating. Be a competency facilitator. Identify and nurture potential

    • Get to know your context and students
    • Help the ones see the leader in themselves
    • You need to see the strengths in them that they cannot
    • Give them places to experiment with that


Jeff Wallace on student leadership 

  • Think

    • Discover our student’s talents and gifts—then develop it—and deploy them.
    • We don’t want to teach kids what to think but how to think.
    • We teach what we know but reproduce what we are—John Maxwell
    • If the IPhone is upgrading every 18 months why shouldn’t we think youth ministry is?
    • Help kids understand their wiring. Give personality tests.
    • Teach them more than the word. Teach how to live out life.
    • Always asses. You cannot correct what you cannot confront. Bring in someone from the outside to get an honest look and see your blind spots.
  • Dream
    • Once you teach them to think. Have them dream not only what they can do but what the ministry can do. What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?
    • Have a youth council or leadership team and write the dreams.
    • You need kids who are not completely connected. The best way to reach outsiders is to know outsiders.
    • Vision Casting is key to get this set up.
  • Lead
    • This is a byproduct of thinking and dreaming. What happens is that they begin to become leaders that are head and shoulders above.
  • Random question
    • What about students living different outside of church?

      • Hold them accountable. Other students are watching you and you need to confront them. But do it with grace and respect.


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Discussion Questions:

  1. Are there students who have potential but aren’t participating?
  2. Are we being “competency facilitators”?
  3. Are we “developing and deploying” our students?
  4. Are we teaching kids how to think?
  5. Are we holding them accountable? 



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