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July 17, 2019

Episode 0072 Student Leadership Week 3 Redefining Excellence, MARKO and the AMAZING Kenda Creasy Dean Youth Ministy Junior High ChaosNation

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Who is on this episode:

Kurt Johnston

Justin Herman

Mark Oestreicher 

Kenda Creasy Dean



Mark Oestreicher 

  • There is no reason why student leadership should be reserved high schoolers. Give them a taste of the leadership inside them if they are willing.

    • If you have them combined let the jr. high lead too in it
    • If you have separate have one in the jr. high ministry also
  • You want them to participate in things that will form them in powerful ways as their identities are being formed

Excellence in Jr. High Student Leadership Justin, Kurt, and some spiders

  • Give them opportunities to be involved

    • Don’t make your excellent definition so high they cannot participate
    • They will be wrong, but you need to affirm them in a positive way
  • The best way to learn leadership is to learn it in the trenches
    • They love to see their friends owning things
  • Ask other areas if they are open to serving in other areas besides children’s ministry and jr. high ministry
    • It gives them another caring adult in their life


Kenda Dean Student Leadership

  • If you want kids to be engaged as adults get them engaged as children
  • Give them a “load-bearing” role
  • Don’t hold on to tight to the reigns—never do ministry alone
  • With a team, you can share the authority
  • You need a diverse team in outlook and demographics (cause that what the kids are)
  • You must be a trustworthy colleague
  • Learn to pastor your bosses (teach the kids to care for those in authority)
  • Learn how to do youth ministry to grown-ups.
    • We are good at meeting kids where they are but not adults.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Where are our students serving?
  2. Are we allowing middle schoolers to serve as leaders?
  3. Does each of us have someone to do youth ministry with?
  4. Are we meeting our adults where they are as good as we reach our students?




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