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Hosted by Justin Herman

July 24, 2019

Episode 0073 Student Leadership Week 4, Marko, Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA and Chris and Emily Norton from The Seven Longest Yards Youth Ministry Junior High Chaos Nation

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Who is on this episode:

Kurt Johnston

Justin Herman

Mark Oestreicher 

Charlie Kirk

Chris and Emily Norton


Student Leadership Tip #4 (Mark Oestreicher)

  • Consider a leadership community rather than single serving leadership teams

    • All the teams in one
    • Adult and student leaders 

Justin and Kurt--topics to teach about leadership and servanthood (9:00)

  • Every other week do an inner quality and outer quality of a leader (Kurt)
  • Teaching ownership and learning from it (be able to fess up) (Justin)
  • Servant leadership (Kurt)
  • Following up on visitors (Kurt)
  • Don’t be a click (Kurt)
  • Plan an event (Kurt)
  • Honesty and timeliness (Kurt)
  • Generosity (Kurt)
  • Leverage Influence (Kurt)
    • Compassion
    • On marginalized people
  • Don’t do it alone (Justin)
  • Accountability (Justin)
  • Skill of assessment (gifts and wiring) (Justin)
  • Give feedback (Justin)


Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA

  • A strong message can create a strong movement
  • Students are looking for a purpose to believe in
  • People are not correct just because they have degrees and someone else is a student
  • It just takes one person telling a student that they can do something good
  • Always ask more questions than you get asked
  • Don’t look at any interaction as a waste of time
  • 1 thing to tell students—embrace failure. Everyone will fail at something





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