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October 3, 2018

Episode 0031 Conversation with Carey Nieuwhof, parents and the mail bag Youth Ministry

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 Intro done by: Gerald Fadayomi, Browns Bridge Church

Leader Guide for your leader team (and this week parents).  Just send them this podcast, send them the leader guide and have discussion with them!

Show Outline:

We have Carey Nieuwhof here talking about everything parenting. Carey talks about the natural tendency for junior highers to withdraw from their parents. He gives some tips on how to be a present parent during that time and encourages parents to put the relationship with their kids before their work. Carey ends with giving practical tips on how leaders and youth workers can partner with parents. Some tremendous insight from Carey you will no want to miss!

1:18 Book Launch Emails
1:40 Justin Intro’s Carey Nieuwhof’s older audio
3:44 Carey talks about middle schoolers withdrawing
4:43 What parents freak out about
6:14 It’s a loss when kids withdraw
7:02 Secret sauce for leaders who are parents
8:04 “When your kids withdraw, don’t you withdraw as a parent.” -Carey Nieuwhof
10:04 Not too late to re engage
10:33 Encouragement for Dads
12:07 “Every parent is on a journey from control to influence.” -Carey Nieuwhof
12:30 Build relationships with kids
13:06 “If you have a healthy relationship, you still have influence over your child’s life.” -Carey Nieuwhof
13:52 What Carey did as a dad to build relationship
14:47 “If you’re winning at work and you’re losing at home, you’re losing.” -Carey Nieuwhof
15:18 Why a resume is not important to kids
16:36 “They need a father they don’t need a successful business person."" -Carey Nieuwhof
16:50 Carey talks about his son in high school
17:26 Justin explains how his kids mirror him
18:20 Children need a quantity of quality time
19:55 Cultivate marriage
20:00 Carey explains how his age has given him energy
21:02 Delayed gratification with an empty nest
23:05 How leaders can partner with parents
26:18 Carey talks about his blog
27:38 Carey’s leadership podcast
29:00 Forward podcast on to another leader and parent!
29:25 MAILBAG Questions
29:37 How leader guide has been helpful
30:24 Controlled Chaos Book, will there be more writing?
31:14 California youth ministry is unique


Whose on this episode? 

Justin Herman- Sandals Church

Carey Nieuwhof

Things Mentioned:

XP3 Orange curriculum
Central Christian College of the Bible
CIY podcast partners
Podcast- Carey’s Leadership podcast


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CIY- Christ in Youth  

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Central Christian College of the Bible, Moberly Missouri (where Justin went to college)

ORANGE- The XP3 Orange Curriculum 


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